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The Dirt

Since coming across the work of artist Jim Sanborn, who beams bold geometric shapes against the desert out west, we’ve seen more artists projecting themselves on landscapes — both urban and natural. By altering the backdrop with their light projections, they are creating new works, however momentary.

According to This Is Colossal, a great art and design blog, French artist Clement Briend recently traveled to Cambodia, where he photographed sculptures of Cambodian deities and projected them on urban trees.

On his work, Cambodian Trees, Briend writes: “Cambodian culture is inhabited by a deep spirituality. Their world is inhabited by spirits. In this landscape, a city asleep at night reveals divine figures on trees, allowing their incarnation. At night, we can touch the magic that illuminates Cambodians’ view of the world.”

Briend uses “homemade prototypes” to project his massive-scale images. He says his photographs “match reality and projection, space…

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